A brainstorming technique you might not know about: bubbles or bubbling

We all know about brainstorming, an activity that is often underrated. If one person can have 5 ideas, then two should have 10. But it doesn’t always work out that way.  Brainstorming is a process. Shortening the process or skipping parts of it make it a lot less productive. If we commit to a brainstorming process, it will yield more and better ideas.

It is important to have a specific goal for the brainstorming. This goal is to provide multiple possibilities, the solving of the problem comes after. During a brainstorming session we take part in divergent thinking: generating multiple options and ideas. After the brainstorming comes the actual problem solving, convergent thinking, which is to generate or filter to a single solution.

Here is an example of a very effective brainstorming process, called bubbles or bubbling, which is especially useful for coming up with a large number of ideas revolving around a central goal.


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